Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy new year!!!

Dzień Dobry!
This week was sooo good! It really was so fun! Sounds like you all are doing great. haha I loved the pictures sooo much. Oh my the picture of the Nativity. haha soooo funny. Except almost made me cry... haha But I miss you all! Sounds like everyone is so happy!
Some things that happened this week! Christmas Eve we hung out at the Gay's (senior couple) apartment. Played games all night and read Christmas stories. It was pretty prime!;) Then at midnight we are actually allowed to go to something called "Midnight Mass". It's just the Catholic church does it every year they have a worship service @ midnight! It was very different. hahaha kinda awkward and we couldn't wear our tags obviously. But actually a really cool experience to see the Polish people and what they do and how dedicated some are to their religion. It also mad me sad and motivated. It mad me sad to see how confused so many people were and how much they were missing out on the FULLNESS of the Gospel! But it was fun and good experience.
Sunday morning we went to a nativity type thing! Oh and got to sleep in til 8! hahah wow that was nice. haha kinda threw off my sleeping pattern though. But we did that, and had a good dinner at the Gay's again. They are the greatest.
And then I got to call you all! haha my heart was like freakin out the last 30 mins before calling you. haha and then i decided to call early cause we had time! and i called! and nobody was even up yet!!!!! hahaha you guys are usually always up by then! But i told mom i would call back in 30 mins then! haha it was really funny to hear you all "MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!" haha but yeah i loved talking to you guys. haha i felt like i talked for like 2 mins. went by so fast! 
But my favorite part was you guys singing "Families can be together forever" and "Silent Night" the spirit was so strong with me there. I just love you all so much!
The best part about my Christmas was talking to my family and hearing how happy they were! I loved it so much! I feel like they are all happier than ever! Heavenly Father has blessed us with so much! Im so thankful for that! All I want is for our family to be together forever! 
So the day after Christmas we ahd Zone Conference in Poznań! We get to the train station at 6:00 and its me my comp and the senior comp. and waiting for the sisters. The sister's get there  with about 15 mins before our train is gonna leave.. and they say "we forgot our presents" (presents for the white elephant exchange) hahha me and my comp both look at each other and started taking off our suit coats and jackets and back packs. hahah and just start running. It was the worst thing ever cause I'm wear my tight suit....thought my pants were gonna rip. haha we sprinted to their apartment and back......haha barely mad the bus with like 30 seconds to spare. and we are just like sitting there sweating and dying on the train. hahah it was so rough! but yeah funny memories.
On the spiritual note. Yesterday we were contacting on the streets. And sometimes when we contact in the really crowded areas people see us and see that we are trying to talk to people and it can even look like we are trying to sell something sometimes. so its usually one "nie dziękuję" after another. Which means no thank you. But i decided to step back for a sec and look for someone i needed to talk to. I saw this younger looking kid. Looked kinda rough, with a beard, and holes in his clothes. But I went and talked to him anyways! I said, "Hey we are sharing a message about The Book of Mormon!" and he said in English, " I don't understand you....what are you doing?" I tried one more time in polish. And he understood! haha he asked a couple questions about the Book of Mormon and I answered for him. I found out he was actually studying at a University in Sweden and speaks English fluent. But we still spoke in polish. As he accepted a Book of Mormon and we exchanged contact information and set up a meeting there was a silent moment for a sec. And I just told him "The Book of Mormon has changed my life, that's why I am here, And I know it can change yours." He said with a smile, " I hope it can because I'm a little depressed."
The spirit was so strong there! Those are some of the best missionary moments when you can feel the Spirit working through you to someone! We are meeting with him this Thursday! So pray for us! 
I hope you all are reaching out to others and lifting them up. Whether they are already members or not! I love my mission so much! Never been so happy! Love you all! Make some good new years resolutions that will bring you closer to Christ! And build his attributes that he has!
Happy New Year! Thanks for everything! 
Ofa Lahi Atu
Kocham Cię!
                       -Starszy Fotu

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