Monday, December 16, 2013

Hey Hey!

Hey looks like no one woke up this morning! I hope I will be able to e-mail you guys next week! Before I get to talk to you all!
So right now what is going on is we actually have a phone here that we can call home with. this week we are gonna figure out the times we will call home! It's not for sure yet. But ill let you know next week! probably gonna be around 9 or 10 in the morning. I hope that doesn't affect your plans!
But im excited for it and to hear all your voices. unfortunately they aren't allowing us to skype. Maybe next time though!
You all should think of some question to ask me for FHE so we are just sitting there. hahaha im just we will have lots to talk about though!
Sounds like you all are doing great! Thanks to Selu and her e-mail. haha im just kidding I know you all are busy! I love and miss you guys!
The work is great here in Poland! Yesterday we had a good turn out in Sacrament meeting! about 15 people. So pretty good. Our numbers werent too hot this week but we are still working hard! 
We got a guy in sacrament meeting too! His name is Edek and he is one of the most amazing polish people i've ever met! He is just so happy and smiling. He didnt have time to meet after sacrament meeting but he just seemed really excited to learn more and we actually gave him a little part in our Christmas Program for next week so he will be there and he's gonna bring a friend!!!! So cool... Yeah Christmas is coming up! Im so excited. This saturday we are doing a Shoe Polish thing. I dont know if you guys saw the news article about the missionaries in New York doing that. But im soo excited for it!
Then we got the Christmas program! Im singing a solo! wassssgoooooodddd! haha sike. That'd be cool though. haha but im just so happy. The Lord is honestly blessing me so much. I feel so indebt to him. But i know as I work hard and try to bring my brothers and sisters to the gospel, I can repay him in that way! Something i've really learned on my mission is that planning has a big role in the mission life. haha Dad always told me I should use a planner and plan everything out. haha I dont think i ever did. But every night we have a planning session. We first pray. Invite the Spirit and lets Heavenly Father know we are here to do his will. As you plan with the Spirit, The Lord will let you know what he wants you to do and where he wants you to go! I've seen it be a HUGE part in my mission! I heard a quote in the MTC say that "planning can break or make a mission". I know that's soo true. I know you guys dont plan out your days. But pray for mission opportunities! Pray that you will be able to find those seeking the truth, or pray that you will know what to say if you have already found them! I promise the Lord will bless you in the very moment! Act on those promptings! As you do so you will be blessed by the Lord and you will be happy! I love you all! Im so thankful for this Christmas season! I challenge you all to lose yourself in the service of others. As our Savior would. Love you all! Have a AWESOME Christmas!
ofa lahi atu!
love you!
kocham cię!
-Starszy Fotu

And something I realized i was always grateful for was how mom would always have us do a secret santa thing for a family EVERY YEAR! I hope you guys are doing that this year. 
Talk to you all in a week! loves;)

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