Monday, December 9, 2013


Hey Family! 
How is everyone doing! Poland is sooo good! I love this city Szczecin! At first when I got ot Szczecin there was 8 people in church. 4 of Which were missionaries. Yesterday we had 19 people in church!!!! So awesome. We have really been workin and helping people back into church and to re-activity. And been finding others! We had 2 investigators in church, Francziszek and Grzegorz! Pretty awesome guys! hoping to set some baptismal dates with them this week! Unfortunately we lost contact with another baptismal date. The one that was supposed to be baptised on Dec. 7. But I'm excited to find others! 
This week was soo awesome cause I was actually kinda stressin out during the week. haha I've learned that stress can be good for you though! But I was stressin cause I was puttin a talk together cause I had to speak in Sacrament meeting yesterday! I was sooo scared and just kinda freakin out. But then Sunday Morning came around and I was just sitting in church with the whole room almost filled. And just soaking in the Spirit. The spirit was so strong with me and I just felt the lord's love for me and everyone there. 
Wow I love church sooo much! I love preaching this gospel to everyone! Please pray for our investigators. We need it! We also got a finding idea that the Senior couple found online! Shining Shoes on the street and giving out hot chocolate! Im SOOO PUPMED right now to do that this week! I'll let you guys know how that goes! Love you guys soo much! Always remember to do the basic things so you have the spirit with you!
Love and Miss you guys. Thanks fo everything! 
ofa lahi atu! Kocham was!
-Starszy Fotu

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