Monday, January 13, 2014



This week was awesome! hahaha you guys probably werent expecting this but we had a baptism! This guys name is Jerzy Kiciński! He's the guy that is a Jew and has cancer! He's so awesome and has soo much faith! He was found in Szczecin about 5 months ago. Before I even got here. He's had a baptismal date for a couple months but it never went through as his health kept failing him. And His cancer kept getting worse! He has so much faith though and this Gospel really has changed his life and he has soo much more hope in life and after this life! He was found a couple days after he was told by his docter that he had cancer! And he was just sitting in the Park pondering his life! And The missionaries (Elder Kotter and Elder Hardy) found him! Instantly he was interested and wanted to grow closer to God. I didn't get to really teach him and see him grow as much! But it was still a life changing experience to Baptize him. We usually really push to get members to do the baptism. But Jerzy really wanted a missionary. 
It was the biggest miracle to have the baptism! And it really brought the Branch here in Szczecin a lot closer! I know thats why we are here as missionaries! To simply bring others unto Christ and get them on the Path of Salvation! We can do that through the waters of Baptism! 
I know the Savior has organized us missionaries and sent us out where we need to be through a Prophet and His Apostles! 
1 pic. Us walking from the chapel to the pool. haha yeah a little different
2 pic. Baptism and my new comp! -Elder Blom
3 pic. Baptism
It was such a miracle. We had transfer weeks! My new comp is sooo awesome! He's from New York and lives on Long Island! Most humble and loving kid ever! Is quiet but I got him to open up to me! hahah he's such a stud. Cooks food for dayzzzz!!!! Such a stud. his name is Starszy Blom.
I hope you all can tell how much TRUE ETERNAL HAPPINESS this gospel really brings to everyone of us! And we have ALL been asked by our Heavenly Father to share is with others! Love you all have the best week ever! I hope you all are SEARCHING for oppurtunities to share this great message with anyone! Dont sit around and wait for the oppurtunity to come but get up and go FIND IT! Love you all!
Remember the simple things! If you wanna be good at something then its through MASTER THE SIMPLE THINGS!!! Read your scripts, pour your heart out to Heavenly Father in Prayer, Serve EVERYONE!, and Go to the temple! I miss it so much!


-Starszy Fotu

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