Monday, January 20, 2014

1.20.2014 Dzień Dobry from SZCZECIN!!!!

Wassssgoooood Family! 
I hope you all are doing great! Here is a pic of me changing our Water Filters......yeah you know your skin is getting white when the filters are more brown than you are..... I'm turning white....;(
But the work is going well! We had an awesome Zone Training is Poznań this past week! They really talked about becoming a consecrated missionary! So i've really been working on that lately! 
Something that I've learned on my mission is finding the joy in things that might not seem to heppy at the moment. In Poland we get alot of people on the streets that will stop and talking. USUALLY these people will stop to tell us that we are a break off of the Catholic Church. haha or they like to say "Daj mi Spokój" haha which translates to "GIVE ME PEACE!" haha usually I just give them a huge smile and say "Miłego Dnia!!!!" "I wish you a good day!!!!" hahah but once in a while ill say, "Staram się" which means "Im trying to!" hahaha but obviously that arent willing to listen!
But in missionary work its really easy to get down on yourself, when one of these people yells at you! Something that Elder Holland said once was, "Nothing in life is bad enough to complain about it!" hahha I just chuckled to myself because of how right he really is! Something i've focused on my mission is not getting discouraged! EVER! 
I feel like the Lord has really blessed me too. He has made my mission so enjoyable and I just love it here so much! I challenge you guys to make your days the best they can be! There was a talk at a MTC Devotional that we had and the Sister said, "Choose the plan of Happiness everyday" I love that quote. It's so true! We make our days how they are. And dont ever let anyone change your days for the worse.
haha funny story.... The other night I went to contact this old grandma on the street....(they are EVERYWHERE in Poland! And I said "Dzień Dobry Miss we are sharing a mesage about Jesus Christ!" hahah she is this tiny grandma and she just starts yelling at me and getting in my face. hahaha I was just like laughing and didnt know what was going on. And im like walking backwards cause she keeps getting closer and closer to me. And me comp is just walking off while laughing at me. haha but yeah thats it. Pretty much all these grandma's get really mad at us cause they are really hard core caholics and wanna fight me or somethin....
But Then there are those AWESOME people that you meet! The Lord blesses us with those all the time also!
This past week was sooo awesome! Some awsesome news we found out about Jerzy, (new convert) We met with him on Tuesday and he had awesome news from his Doctor! His cancer had stopped spreading through out his body! Such a miracle and he knows it was Heavenly Father Blessing him! There are just so many Tender Mercies! We have all been so blessed by our Heavenly Father. And I hope you all are looking for all those blessings as you go through out your days. And then at the end of the day, pouring out your heart to him in Prayer!
Love you all so much! Dont every forget the basics!
Ofa Lahi Atu
Kocham cię
one love

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