Monday, November 18, 2013

Awesome week!

Hey Family!
Sounds like everyone is doing good! I was sad to hear that Isaac and his team lost! But sounds like they still had an awesome team! And you can't win em all!!! unless you got chase hansen on your team;)
No Im just messin around! hahha but let me know how jared and them do at the tourney! and send me some pictures of everyone! I love seeing how they are doing! Im sooo glad to hear you guys are helping brings others unto Christ and doing Elder Ballard's challenge! That challenge is from our Heavenly Father and given to us through his Prophet and Apostles. I read that talk this morning and I loved it sooo much! 
This past week was super awesome! We had Zone Conference in Poznań so we had a like 3 hour train ride there. Pretty awesome. And President Edgren was there so that was awesome cause we dont see him too often. I had a good interview with him. He's soo awesome and I just love him and Sister Edgren soo much. But this mission is really trying to think of new finding ideas and what we can do to find different people here in Poland! I go the prompting that we just needed to go on the streets and every person we see just invite them to church! We did that on Friday andSaturday, for an hour each day! 
Saturday night I just prayed soo hard that someone would be in church!!!!
Sunday morning came and the first person to church was a man we had met on the streets the night before! His name is Franczuszek! The night before he was a little drunk. I could smell alcohol in his breath. But he said he woke up sunday morning and had somewhere to be but woke up late and so he said he thought that was God telling him to be at church! I was soo excited. And I just remember sitting in Sacrament meeting yesterday sooo happy. And I loved that moment just sitting there and feeling the Holy Ghost and Love that the Lord had for me specifically in that moment! 
I dont have much time today! But pray that we will find people to bring to church! Im so thankful for all your prayers and I can seriously feel them! Thank you soo much! And also keep working towards bringing someone unto Christ before Christmas! Get your priorities straight and do what the Lord wants you to do! I know if you do so then he will bless you! 
To do so you need to Pray and know who he wants you to bring. Next let the Spirit work through you! Do things that only bring the spirit into your life! And next, Follow the Spirit! Heavenly FAther will tell you what to do and what to say! Trust him! 
I love you all! keep doing the basics. If you master the basics then you will be awesome! Love you guys! 
-Elder Fotu

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