Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hi Family!!!!

This past week has been sooo awesome!
Unfortunantly we lost contact with Bogdan. As for now. But last we talked with him he couldnt meet that day cause his mother was in the hospital and he is super busy taking care of his parents! So I hope we can get back in touch with him soon! A miracle for me this week was just realizing that I can speak more polish than I think! The Lord has really blessed me with the confidence of the language! I seriously feel his love for me EVERY SINGLE DAY! Im alot more confident with the language now, But im definietely not good and there are some things I dont understand so I know I need to keep working hard with the language and studying hard! Thank you for your prayers for me! I know they help me everyday! 
I got a new companion obviously cause my last one went home! His name is Elder Vernon! He went to American Fork. haha his family lives like right next to smith's. He's is pretty awesome! He has been here for over a year and a half. On transfer days I talked to President and I think he wants me to train next transfer. haha yeah so im kinda scared but I really need to step it up this transfer and get some things down! I know I can with the Lord's help! 
Something I've really learned on my mission is why we have hard things in life. I've figured out that the Lord gives us hard things so that we can always remember him! And So we can grow in life! Man I've grown way more than I can even explain on my mission! I've had some of the hardest time in my mission, but the Lord has been there for me every single time! He has blessed me with happiness every single day. I go to sleep every night soo happy. I love my mission. Every time I have a hard time now I just think of the Savior. He did the Atonement for US! He knows every single pain that we will ever have and he knows exactly what we are going through! Everytime we have a hard time we become stronger! My testimony grows everyday as I do Hard things. A quote that is probably one of my favorites from conference is "If the bitter cup does not pass, drink it, and stand strong. And have hope for better days". The Lord will come! I have felt him in my life everyday, and I have seen him in lives of others! 
I love my mission soo much! Love you all soo much!
I challenge you all to master the Basics! John Wooden said, "We just focused on becoming brilliant at the basics." 
I know as you read daily, pray daily, go to the temple weekly, and Love EVERYONE (have Charity). You will feel the Lord's love in your life. He will bless you more than you can handle! I promise you that! Love you all soo much! Thank you for everything! 
Wiele Miłośći!
One love. Ofa Atu.
-Elder Fotu

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