Thursday, April 10, 2014


Hey Everybody!

Man everything is going so good here in Wrocław. It was beginning to get warm but then these past couple days were cold and rainy. But this week was super fun and exciting. The Assistants to the President came on exchange with us and it was super cool. I had already served with Elder Vernon so I was with Elder Lanham, who is from Orem. Man I learned so much from him! It's crazy.
He is going home in like 5 months. And his polish just blows my mind at how good it is. It was good cause it really humbled me. But inspired me to do better! 
Really funny experiences while contacting. So he loves like contacting people and joking with them before he gets into the gospel. And it really works here in Poland. But there is this like completely huge guy that just had ridiculously huge muscles walking towards us. haha and Elder Lanham just starts out like this, "It's obvious that the sir has spent a large amount of time in the gym, because you're stacked....but we are sharing a message today about the gospel of Jesus Christ and how we can build big testimonies..." haha the guy thought it was super funny and actually listened to what we had to say but wasnt really interested. One of the hardest things about this mission is getting people to listen. Usually if you can get them to stop, you can spark some kinda of interest if you go off of what the Spirit has to tell you. But I've been working on that lately and just creating a more comfortable atmosphere when talking to people on the streets cause thats all we do.
On Friday we ran into a guy named Domynik. Younger guy and just talked about God and what he believed in. And we were just joking with each other and talking about what we believed in. And it was just awesome to see and feel the Lord help me in what I needed. And the most awesome experiences are when you can have fun with someone you just barley met but then you can feel the spirit testifying through you as you say those things that the Spirit puts in your mind. This was our only new investigator that we got this last week. But super awesome and we are set up to meet with him tonight. So im super excited for that! 
Everything is going really well. The language is coming. It's still super hard. And I really dont understand alot of it. But I can usually tell what is going on and come up with a response for them. 
The branch here in Wrocław is amazing! and theere is a couple families with little kids. and after church we had a lunch thing.  haha and they are sooo crazy. Like super loud and it reminded me of home so much. I loved it. haha all the other missionaries were like super stressed about about it. But I just loved it. I miss all the little ones.
So happy to be here though. Just learning so much right now. And I love it. 
I know our Savior lives! And I know we can repent daily and become more like him. As we do so we become better and happier people. Love it. 
Love you all! 
ofa lahi atu. Kocham was wszystkich! one love!
_Elder Fotuuuuuu

Me and Elder Lanham (not my comp)
Sushi 4 dayzzzz

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