Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Hey Family! This week has been pretty crazy! 
So we got our transfer calls on Saturday! haha so im actually staying in Wrocław...
But im TRAINING! haha im pretty stoked! But scared at the same time cause i don't speak polish. haha but i guess this transfer I've kinda depended on my mine alot more too.
But everything is going really good. I will go into Warsaw tomorrow and pick up the new Elder! Pretty excited for that! haha but im just so thankful the Lord has blessed me already with as much polish as I speak. But I still need to work harder than ever!
So this week we had a really awesome lesson with a guy named Tomasz on tuesday. And he is really humble and nice and just listens to us but has some good questions. It was his first meeting with missionaries so we wanted to make it really comfortable for him. We asked him how he was going and he said that His Aunt actually just passed away and he was pretty sad about it. Obviously we kinda broke off from our plans and went into the Plan of Salvation a little. And he loved that fact that Everyone will be ressurected. 
But we kinda lead the lesson into the Restoration. And it was just so cool to see where the lesson went as we went by the Spirit. Elder McConkie spoke about teaching with Power and Authority. And talks about how before the Lesson we prepare and work our best to be ready to teach the lesson. And do so by recieving revelation for what they need. But when the time comes you have to be willing to let go of you plans and go by the Spirit. He says as we do this, the Lesson then is not our lesson anymore, but the Savior's Lesson. 
It was really awesome cause at the end of the Lesson, we didnt even have to invite him to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. But he said himself, "So I just need to read and pray now, and I can know if this is true."
We will meet with Tomasz this week so ill let you know more about that. But everything is going good. We also are meeting with a guy named Paweł today. He actually took the discussions in England. And knows alot abou the church already. But before was really stressing about recieving an answer if this was the True Church. Yesterday after sacrament meeting he asked me what other lessson he has to take. And he named off all the lesson he has already learned. And I told him it sounds like he has already learned everything, and he said, "So can I be baptized now?" hahah no one ever asks that.... But we are probably gonna re teach the lessons again so he understands. And he has a problem with coffee I think. So pray for him! But we need to make sure he knows what baptism means and everything. So we will see! Ill let you all know!
But im just super excited for this transfer. Im just gonna take all the faith this new missionary has and run with it! So im really excited! But it will be good for me and Ill learn a ton im sure.
Im learning so much and its so good how knowledge strengthens our testimonies so much. I feel like the more knowledge we recieve the more humble we should be.
But Im loving it! Like I told you all last week! A guy named Jan that I taught in Szczecin got baptized this past weeked! So exciting! And I will see him at Poland Warsaw Misison Conference in Warsaw when President Uchtdorf comes! Wow its gonna be so amazing! Im so stoked! 
But hey I love you guys! Miss you all a ton! 
Im just loving my mission, and see the blessings from Heavenly Father every day! 
keep the P.A.C.E and P.U.S.H (Possitive Attitude Changes Everything/ Pray Until Something Happens)

ofa lahi atu
kocham was wszystkich!

_Starszy Fotu

oh yeah they decided to make me district leader here too...... haha fun fun

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