Friday, May 31, 2013

MTC: Week 5

Dzien Dobry Rodzina!
(Good Morning Family!)
It's good to hear from all of you! I'm doing just great! Language is kinda a struggle right now but I'm gonna keep working hard. We are teaching like 3 different fake investigators right now! It's pretty crazy! I'm trying to just focus on bearing my testimony in Polish! So everyone please keep me in your prayers! I need the help! And maybe even your fasts this weekend. While at the MTC you are learning two different languages! Polish, and the language of the spirit! The spirit has been so strong here! I honestly just felt it while saying that. Every time I feel the spirit my testimony just gets bigger and bigger. I love it. But we learn the language of the spirit because that is what you will really be teaching by! If you are teaching by the language with the spirit then people will not feel the spirit so they won't be interested!
My testimony is so strong! But i know i have a lot my building on it to do. I feel like it is complete testimony. But i still need more! If you are not continually getting closer to your Savior Jesus Christ, then you are moving away from him! Everyone must always be getting closer and closer to him! Keep building all of your testimonies!
I sang in the choir on Tuesday devotional! Like a BOSS! hahaha it was actually really cool. And we sang "Lead Kindly Light" which is one of my favorite songs after "Come thou Fount". So im like always singing when i walk around now. I always sing the song from Tarazan too. It goes..... Shaaaabaaadaaaappp Duuubiiiiidooooo Dabbbbbiiiidappp dooobidooobi deee dopppppp!!!!! DEEEEE DOPPPPP DEEEE DOOOOOOOO!!!! hahaha its gonna be stuck in all of your heads now. haha cause its stuck in everyones here. I love it. I sing it in the shower mostly. Thats my favorite time to sing. hahahaha alright..... ANYWAYS....
In like three weeks I found out that our Choir is doubling! haha there is going to be 1100 missionaries in it! Insane huh! And guess what! We are all going to the marriot center on like the 23rd and the Prophet is coming! I found that out from Elder Ringer Mom! you said you like met his grandma or something! yeah he just got in our Zone! But i'm super stoked to sing and LISTEN to the prophet! I just felt the spirit typing this!
So i'm still Zone Leader! I wonder when they'll release me! But more than half our Zone left on Monday! (like 24 missionaries) To The Czech and Croatia and what not! It was super sad cause we were close with them! Elder Fausnaght or how ever you spell it was my favorite, along with Elder Talbot and Elder Gashler, And Elder Foster! They are gonna do great! so They left Monday and we got new missionaries on Wednesday! like 28 of them!
So sweet! We are already good friends! I know two of them! Elder Wright from BYU hawaii. I met like once while there. And Also Elder Earl went there! But We played golf since we were like super young! I'll send pics of them! And of our old zone of missionaries that left!
So Lennon is playing 7 on 7 with varsity? that's sweet. just tell dad to step on his hand and what not and he'll be good! keep working hard and staying close to the savior. Keep going to seminary and building your testimonies! You and Isaac's team is gonna be good but its important you stay humble! I pray for all of you every day! Miss you all!
I'm super excited to get out of here and go to Poland! But I'm still trying to soak up all the teaching me that they're doing! The spirit i'm absolutely going to miss. But the language is hard to soak up. But I'm still workin hard and I know that the Lord has a way for me to learn this crazy language! "Kick when you don't want to kick! and Stroke when you don't want to stroke!"
Let me know how ALL the kids do.
Send me pictures of little Emma. I miss her so much.
I know the Elder Wooden that spoke to you guys! He was in one of my classes sophomore year in Sports Marketing with Rios! That cool. Send me some stuff he talked about!
Yeah i'm getting Garrett's e-mail! Sounds like he is doing amazing! Getting some baptisms in before he comes home. haha he comes home so soon. Crazy.
Hey you guys can get on "Dear Elder" and if you e-mail me there it gets to me the same day. kinda cool. but keep doing this.
I loved the package. The blanket is so much better to sleep with! I'm actually getting a lot of sleep here! More than I ever have! Probably cause I'm completely exhausted by the end of the day with the language!
I pray every meal and day for Energy to get throughout my day and focus. Some Elder's always say" you wont go through the MTC without taking a nap in class or study." That doesn't make sense to me. If you have that mind set then yeah you will. But I'm determined not to. And I WONT!
I love this place so much! I've seen so many familiar faces! Saw Selu's teammate yesterday! I'll send a pic!
Keep working hard in everything! But more importantly stay close to the Lord! Don't become Prideful!
I love you all so much!

Do Widzenia!

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