Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Day 1 of MTC: Wasssssgooooood!

Dzien Dobry Rodnica!

So my P-Day this week is on Friday for some reason! It might change so just be ready for some e-mails! I just sent you guys a letter today that I wrote my first night in the MTC. It's the best experience i've ever had! So different than everything else! Something so amazing to me is I see so many different kind of people here (some weirder than others) but everyone his here for the same reason! And all have the same spirit! This legitamitally has to be the happiest place on earth. It's so amazing to be here.
First off we got here and we checked into our rooms and what not. And then we had a Devotional thingy with President Nally! he's so awesome! He's in our home stake, I love him already! But when we walked into the devotional we sat down and one of my two companions had to go to the restroom, (yeah sweet huh i have two companions). But anyways, we left our backpacks on our chairs, after going to the bathroom we returned to our quickly to find that our seats were taken and our backpacks were no where to be found. We listened to the devotional, then after we looked for our bags another hour. Finally we found them in a random room in a pile. So a rough start in the MTC. But i was just laughing the whole time.
Se we went back to our rooms. My companions are Elder Anderson from Hawaii! He lives in Hau'ula but he is a howlie. His dad is in the Military so he moves like crazy. He is awesome though! I love my companions. My other companion is Elder Swicegood (not polish) but he is pretty cool. He's from Colorado! They are both exercise freaks. Which is good. I won't be Garrett status on my mission;) But I love them so much! we are already good friends! I love how they have such desires to serve! We reported to our classrooms the first day and this young Sister McAdams is our teacher. She just got home from Poland. And She just starts going off in Polish. Absolutely no English. Pretty crazy but i can tell we are going to learn fast! The language is absolutely insane! It's so crazy! But i'm so excited to learn it, I know It is going to take a while to learn though. But i guess we're on a different language track that will help us learn quicker! I'm stoked for it! Today we have our first lesson with a fake investigator but he absolutely wont respond to us in English and acts like he only understands polish. So it's all in Polish. So we're kinda done for. But we are learning!
I've learned so much being here at the MTC! And my testimony is so much stronger! The spirit is sooooo strong here! My favorite moment here was singing "Called to Serve" with everyone in the first devotional. I hear there is a rumor that President Eyring is coming tonight! Pretty stoked if that happens! We got to go to the temple this morning! Super awesome, I love the temple so much! I am going to try to send pictures later today! Cause i can't that im on this computer. But let me know how everyone is doing! I know i havent been gone for long but it feels like i've been in here for like 2 weeks already because i have learned so much!
If you guys (selu) wanna get on my facebook to put my e-mail on so people can e-mail that'd be great!
And then ask them if they want my e-mails!
But I gotta go soon! I sent you guys my letter! Dont forget the things that i need in the letter! Thanks family! I love you all so much!
Oh and Elder Morgan Talbot is my Zone Leader
hahahahah oh and i forgot to mention this. I was called District Leader last night! Yeah pretty stoked. Hopefully that means i'm doing good.
But one thing I wanna promise you guys is.... I'm trying my best to be "Exactly obedient"! I'm waking up before 6:30 (@6:10) and if one minute later, that means i have not be "exactly obedient"! I've been good so far but schedule is getting pretty crazy!
Love you all! Write me letters! Send me food! Except no gum! Not allowed! LoveZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz you ALLzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

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