Saturday, May 25, 2013

Week 4: MTC

Dzien Dobry!
Crazy week! I've seen so many people coming into the MTC this week. Our cousin Paul (Elder Langi)! haha I saw Auntie Mahe first. And it was like a natural reaction to hug her. So i did and she gave me a kiss on the cheek haha my zone was looking at me like I was crazy. I guess we're not supposed to hug anyone at all. But it's ok. I saw all of Paul's family. It was sick. He's gonne be awesome missionary. I'll get another pic with him soon. Saw Sister Olsen going to same mission as Paul.
So I'm so stoked for all the kids and their sports! I've been praying for all of them! Selu i'm so pumped for you. All the hard work has payed off now! Keep workin it! Then get married! hahahha 
Ummmmm Oh yeah yesterday as a Zone Leader and our Sister training Leaders (Sister Hemming and Sister Petherbridge) we like did a orientation for a full brand new zone. They are all going to Virginia and Indiana! I love seeing so many missionaries here!
Thank you so much for the packages! Everyone that has sent them! It's pretty much christmas every friday. Cause I heard you guys found a place you can send it for free on Fridays. So feel free to send them;) Cause i'm sure I wont be getting much in Poland! But I'm so stoked to get to Poland!
The Language is definitely hard! The more I learn the more I learn how hard it really is! hahahha Everyone gets frustrated. But I've been praying about it and I really have not been stressing about it that much. As long as I'm working my hardest then my Heavenly Father will help me and has a plan for me to learn the language. I love this place so much!
Saw Bro Hunt! He is awesome! Love him so much!
So pumped that Issac won Nationals. Tell that mahana to cut his hair.
Tell the kids to remember that the best person to have on your team when playing a sport is me. But spiritually if you have the Lord on your team then you will prosper! He will bless you like crazy. Thats why we won state! And the Lord will bless you more than you can even handle. You all better have read Fourth missionary. If you guys could send me a copy of "The Fourth Missionary" that would be great. and I love getting pictures!
I was thinking about little baby Emma alot in the temple this morning. I miss her. Love her. Send me pictures of her so i can watch her grow!
For anyone that is about to go into the mission field remember when you get to the MTC to "Set the P.A.C.E!" Positive. Attitude. Changes. Everything.
I promise if you apply that to your mission it will change your life. And Anyone should also apply that to your life.
hahha I did see sister Baxter.  It was funny seeing her. I always called her Mom on the trek that we went on forever ago. I was confused that she was dropping someone off cause i know her brother shawn is already gone and her sister is way younger. But sounds like it was her husbands little sister. Cool stuff. So many missionaries come in every week! Its getting super packed! But its so awesome!
Love this gospel! Love you all! If anyone wants to write me you can! I'll write back!
Love you all!
Ja Kocham byc Misjonarzem Kosciola Jezusa Chrystusa Swientych w Dniach Ostatnich! (missing some symbols)

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