Saturday, May 18, 2013

MTC Week 3: Good Morning!

So much has happened this week. So busy. We pretty much study all day almost. besides like gym lunch and dinner! It's crazy around here. On Tuesday we got to have President Nelson from the Quorum of the Twelve come! It was so awesome to have a PROPHET OF GOD in our devotional. Some times we dont realize how amazing that is. This morning an older man told me and Elder Foster that i was on a split with cause no one wanted to do Endowment Sessions. But the older man told us that President Monson's wife had died this morning. That is very sad, and made us both sad. But she is in a better place for sure. I thought alot about if the 2nd Coming happened like within a year. And if I would be ready for it. Everyone make sure you are always striving to be like Christ. My whole testimony thrives on Christ now. I have the biggest love for him and am striving to be like him! When I get frustrated with people (companions) when they sleep or just waste time during our studying. I think about Christ and the wicked people around him and how he just loved them.
Please pray for my language skills like crazy. It's crazy trying to learn this language. I thought it was hard coming into the MTC and then I actually leaned about the language and why it's hard. But when I start to think about how hard it is I immediatly think about why am here and who is on my side. Which is Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. So I'm not worried. I know the language will come. And I'm working my heart out to get better.
We teach lessons alot in just straight Polski. It's super hard. But really good for us. We teach about 3 times a week.
K so funny story real quick. As you all know I like to pull pranks. And I was in one of my buddies rooms Elder Fausnaught (from alabama) and his room mate Elder Stewart (from Logan). Elder Fausnaught left to the bathroom and I snuck into his empty little closet door. And told his companion (Elder Stewart) to ask him "if those were his shoes in the closet".
Elder Fausnaught came running into the room all excited for some reason. And Elder Stewart asked him about the shoes.
He was like "WHAT! SHOES?!?!" as he opens the closet door I jumped out and yelled at him. And he gave the biggest little girl scream and fell on the ground. Everyone there was on the ground laughing.
Maybe you that didnt sound as funny as it was. But anyways I'm super cool with all the missionaries in the Zone. But they leave in like a week and a half.
I love the mission! I am stoked to get to Poland but I want to leave the MTC knowing that I gave it my all in here to learn as much as possible.
Still striving to be exact obedient! "Obedience brings success, Exact obedience brings miracles!" -President Nelson
It's obviously very important cause like 20 different people have told me that.
Love you all! Keep me updated on the kids!
I love reading about them!
Thanks for the food! I got so much food this last week!
(keep it comin, cause the cafeteria food aint so good.....) (but i'm grateful for it. I pray everytime before i eat for the people that dont have food.)
Isaac, Lennon, Kerstin, (little Selu), Jared, Spencer keep working hard with sports! Tell the little ones that I love them and miss them.  Everyone loves my pics of my family.
Hoorah for Israel!
Do Widezenia!

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