Monday, June 10, 2013

MTC: Week 6

Malo e leilei family!
So lots of good news from you guys! I guess some bad news too. Thank you very much for the Fasting and Prayers for me! They are surely helping I promise! I appreciatte them so much! Cause I need all that I can get!
So this morning after coming back to the MTC from the Temple where I wrote Grandpa's name on the prayer roll. I found out he's got little time left. Made me think of the spiritual moment I had with him when I left. When I said bye to him for the last time. hahaha my eyes are watering up super bad right now. Tryin to hold it in so everyone around me doesn't think I'm weird. But I learned how much I am grateful for my grandparents when I lived with them in Hawaii. Dad please tell Grandpa I love him so much. And thanks for his example. Gosh the tears are flowing like crazy right now. But I'm so thankful for all my grandparents cause of their faith and examples to me! But also because ever since I've gotten here I've noticed how thankful I am for my parents since I've been here. And their testimonies. And I know that their testimonies first started with my Grandparents testimonies. I'm so thankful for my family and friends. And Ive noticed that since I've gotten here. My testimony has grown so much since I've gotten here. And I feel like I've already experienced so much but really I have so much more to experience. Tell grandma Fotu that I love her too. haha I have to stop talking bout this or i'll just cry this whole time. (why am I cursed with this crying thing)
But anyways I'm excited for Selu and Kerstin! Please let me know how they do and tell them to keep working their hearts out. And if they stay close to the Lord they will be 100X better and happier! I promise! Search the scriptures like crazy! I didnt know Lennon had to get surgery on it! Well I know what it feels like so tell him to keep his head up. Keep working hard. And being nice to everyone! One of my biggest regrets in high school was not saying Hi to everyone that I saw. I want them to remember that! Be happy! And don't be too cool. Cause I know I thought I was. And GO TO SEMINARY!
hahaha anyways.....
The garden sounds sweet! be sure to send me pictures of it! Send me pictures like in a letter or package! I want some of the kids and everyone!
So somethin exciting! I am pretty sure I'm leaving on the 24th! of this month! So its comin up!
But guess what! The First Presidency and The Twelve Apostles are coming on the 23rd! You all may have heard about it!
It's gonna be at the Marriot Center! I'm sooooo sooooo excited for it! And I'll be singin in the Choir! But it should be broadcasted all around the world! So make sure you all watch it!
It's called "The Work of Salvation" I think..... So watch for me!
More importantly.... Watch it so you can hear the Prophets of God and what they have to say to us!
So quick story before I'm done....only story I could think of to tell you.
So im singin in the Choir on sunday, and I've met this kid John Ursua since I've been here! I kinda knew him before. He went to West Lake and Cedar Highschool. But yeah we're singin in the Choir! and The whole time he is just making me laugh during the practice. So we are just busting up laughing. And Everyone is looking at us like we have a different color of skin or something..... just kidding. But yeah it was funny cause the Camera in the actual performance came on me and he's sitting there kicking me and trying to make me laugh. But I didn't. But next morning I'm gettin my breakfast in the cafeteria and This random Elder comes up behind me and starts singing... " I feel my saviors love, In a super high voice." And I was so confused but it was him. But yeah probably not that funny of a story. All the poly kids here and super funny and cool.
But yeah anyways I'll send some pictures of some stuff. Saw Elder Talon Shumway and Elder Jake Shumway come in. And Sister Wright and Sister MikChesney? Dont know how to spell. But I saw them when they were pulling up. Pretty funny. But they seem to being doing well. I told them to make sure if they need a blessing or anything then they can ask me or any Elder's.
Ive had the chance to give like 3 blessings since i've been here. And it's so awesome to have the Spirit direct you what to say in the moment! I love it! And I don't even remember what i said in those Blessings.
But I gotta go! I love you ALL!!! Keep studying the scriptures like crazy! I promise it will change all of your days! And Pray as much as you can!!!!

Do Widzenia!

-Starzy Fotu

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