Monday, June 24, 2013

"The Work of Salvation" Meeting

Hello sister Fotu,

My husband and I attended a training meeting at the Marriott center today and we ran into your son, Elder Fotu. We took a picture of him and thought you might enjoy seeing him. We were very impressed with your son! He was very friendly and excited to be leaving for Poland soon.
After the training meeting we were leaving the Marriott center when we noticed your son wearing a badge that said Starzy Fotu. We quickly recognized that he was wearing a Polish name badge. We enjoyed talking to your son and feeling a connection with your son as we have a son, Elder Vernon, that is currently serving in the Warsaw Poland mission. He just hit his year mark this week. We live in Highland and our son attended American Fork High School.
If you haven't discovered sister Nielson's mission blog make sure you check it out Sister Nielson has some great information about the mission. I sure hope the new mission president keeps a mission blog too.

Angella Vernon

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