Monday, June 24, 2013

Last Week in The MTC!

Dzien Dobry Rodznia i Kolegą!

So I'm so excited! This week has been very exciting! Ive never felt the Spirit so much in my life than this week. It's so awesome. I will feel it at the most random times! But I leave on Monday at 6:00 am! If I call any of you it'll most likely be around 8:30 to 10ish! So be ready monday morning! But Im so excited for Poland! I am nervous cause of the Language but im so excited to get there and meet the amazing people. The first day we get there they take us to this place in Warsaw call the "Rynnek". haha its a typical super busy part of a City when there are just tons of people. And we contact. haha they are just throwing us out there. So excited. slash gonna look like a lost johnny lingo in Poland. woot woot.
No but im just gonna jump in and pretend like I know what im talking about! And just say the whole time "Dzien Dobry!!!!" Czesc!!!" Jak sie masz?!?!?!?" Tak tak tak". Which just means hello hello! how are you." and then Tak tak means yes. So im just gonna say yes to everyone even though ill have no idea what they are saying. hahaha gosh im so excited.
What Im more excited for is Sunday! "The work of Salvation"! cant wait to sing the in Choir and listen to the Apostles and Prophet! gezzzz cant even explain how excited ive been for it!
But I kinda need to have grandma and grandpa's numbers! cause i wanted to call them from the airport! So if you could send me those. On sunday I might check my e-mail one last time. before I leave the MTC. So let me know!
Everyone pray for me that I can survive in Poland! That I can recieve the Gift of Tongues! And that all the Polish people wont beat up the ONLY brown kid in the country!
Alright funny story. We were outside in the MTC and as missionaries going to Poland we teach each other lessons and I at the moment was acting like an investigator! haha So im chillin then in the middle of a lesson with 2 sisters teaching me in Polish.
And my companiong Elder Anderson is sittin next to me on a bench. This Elder likes to sleep alot. He loves going outside for Personal Study just so he can find somewhere to sleep. haha So Me and Elder Swicegood try to encourage him to get to work and study. Its happened many times.
But anyways he decides to take a little nap while im in the lesson. And all of a sudden i hear "WHAT THE HECK! WHAT IS THAT!" hahaha i turn around and he has this big black spot on his fresh white shirt. A bird had dropped its business off on him. hahaha so funny. we were all laughing so hard.
Talk about the Lord really tryin to tell him something. ;)
but yeah it was super funny!
I am prayin for Grandma's knee. I heard about it! Hope she gets better. Ive really felt Grandpa Fotu with me lately and its really nice to know he's there sometimes. I know he is probably doing missionary work like crazy up there though!
Geez I love this Work so much. And its going by way to fast. Only 104 weeks in a mission. In like a couple weeks I will have already done ten of those.
Im so excited though. Thank you so much for the prayers. They help so much I promise!

Love you guys! Dont send anything more to the MTC! Cause Im leavin on Monday! and Dont send anything to Poland cause its lots of ZLOTY! "Money" in polish!

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