Friday, June 14, 2013

MTC: Week 7

Good Morning Family!
Sounds pretty crazy at the house! Like Always! I hope Selu does well in her tournament! I'll definitely pray for her! Tell Kerst I said congrats thats awesome! Keep letting me know how everyone is doing! 
I kinda knew on Saturday that Grandpa had passed. I miss him too. My testimony has grown so much though since thinking about my family the past week or so. Makes me super sad sometimes. But I'm so grateful for all my family and ancestors.
So talking about me leaving. We thought we were for sure leaving on the 1st of July! But in the mail today we got our travel plans!!!!!! So exciting. And we leave on the 24th! our flight leaves at 11 AM! Dont come to the airport though! hahah I'll call you guys sometime that morning. probably about 9 ish. We fly straight to Amsterdam, Netherlands! so longest flight ever. hahaha Everyone in our district is super super excited right now cause we just found that out like 20 mins ago. But Im SOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited to get to Poland! Except Im kinda scared cause I feel like a dont know any polish! hahah i know some but not nearly enough. hahaha I couldnt be more excited though!
So yeah if you could send me that duffle bag whenever! And the garments would be great too! I'm not sure how many more I need though. Cause I got Enough to last me like 8 days before I have to wash them. So I'm thinkin I might need like 8 more bottoms and 8 more tops. I can buy them here too if you guys want me to do that. Just need money on my card. After this i will go check how much is on it. Then let you know. Thank you so much for the packages. I really appreciatte all of them! All the pictures made me smile really big. Emma is already looking huge!
But I cant really think of anything else I really need...besides LOTS OF PRAYERS! I need help with this language! Ive been learning alot but I'm gonna push it so hard this last weekish!
Im super super excited for the First Presidency and Twelve Apostles to come on the 23rd! wow its gonna be amazing! I will most likely be in the Choir! So you guys better be watchin for me cause I know it is gonna be broadcasted! And you better watch to listen to Prophets of God!
I'm so excited for the Work right now. Cause its absolutely exploding! But I know that you all should be practicing Misssionary work! Every Member a missionary! Its a commandment from God that we do all we can to spread the gospel! Everyone send me what they can in the next week cause you wont want to be sending it to me in Poland! But make sure you dont send me anything after the 22nd! cause that is the last day that we can get mail!
I only got 1 P-day left!
Going to the Marriot Center this week was pretty amazing! Soooooo many missionaries it is ridiculous! It took like 30 to 40 mins just to walk in between here at the MTC and there. Its so sweet though!
Ill send some pictures!
I'm kinda all over the place with this e-mail! But let me know how everyone is doing at home!
Every Gym time i'm playin volleyball, which is the bomb. Uhhhhhh i'm gonna get alot of pictures this last week of my teachers and everyone!
Send me whatever!
Miss you all! Keep praying for me!

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