Monday, February 24, 2014


Hey Family and Everyone else! 
haha I hope everyone is doin so good! Im doing so good! Had a awesome week. And its pretty amazing to see the Lord hastening his work here in Poland! This past week was sooo awesome! We have 2 investigators right now with a baptismal date. And they are soo awesome! Lech, we got back in contact with him. He is having a hard time and just a lot of the adversary is getting to him. But he still has that desire to be baptized and so we are planning for that on March 15
The other one is a man named Ryszard (Richard in English). We found this guy while contacting the streets! He is probably in his 60's and just the nicest guy ever! Man I love him so much. Just always smiling and happy. But we also invited him to be baptized on March 15th also! In our lesson with him it was super cool. In missionary work you really teach by the spirit and try to find out the investigators needs. And you can do that by asking an "Inspired Question"! We were teaching Ryszard the Restoration and came to the end where we were talking about reading the Book of Mormon, Praying about it, and recieving your answer through the Holy Ghost. We recieved from the Spirit to ask, "If he had every felt the Holy Ghost in his life?" He sat and thought about it for a sec and said...."I dont know, I've never even thought about all of this til these past few years and when I was younger I was just living living living, and working working working." That question really got him thinking and we explained what the Spirit feels like and how it testifies of Truth! and of our Heavenly Father and Savior, Jesus Christ. Such an awesome lesson! And im so excited for the work here cause it really is moving with the other investigators who are here.
But i'm so sad because i got transferred....;(
Im going to a city called Wrocław! It's so sad to leave this city cause I love the Members and People here so much! But im gonna be serving with a Elder Named Elder Garrett. And I will be finishing his training! He's only Been here for 6 weeks! haha Im sooo scared! Cause I have to depened on my polish soooo much more. But I couldnt be more excited. Szczecin has been so amazing for me. 
It was really funny in church yesterday. There is a member here named Brother Henryk Stankiewicz. And he is very intimidating and alot of missionaries are scared of him. And he either really likes you as a missionary or not so much. He is older and has long gray hair. haha But for some reason he decided to love me. In Sacrament meeting he got up when President Gay was giving anouncements and asked if he could "give a tribute" to me cause I was being transfered. haha it was so funny. But he really bore testimony and the spirit was so strong with me. And he gave me a big ol hug after. haha and then in sacrament meeting. We had a awesome spiritual number by Sister Barth on the violin and Sister Gay on the piano. haha and our investigators started clapping. haha gosh so funny. and then another sister is leaving here too and she bares her testimony and they start clappin again. I spoke last cause and spoke on the Power in the Priesthood. It wasnt as scary as last time caus ei know the Lord has blessed me so much in Polish! But no one clapped for me after.....cause im brown...;) haha im just kidding. 
But I love and Miss you all soooo much! The mission is going so good! And I couldnt be happier out here! I can see and hear how blessed our family really has been seen I've been out here! It's been hard cause you guys are having so much fun and im mission out on so much! But I love it here! And I wouldnt rather be anywhere else! 
Im stoked for conference! And I love you guys!
Serve Other Before Yourself! Love others! And remember the basics things to do everyday! Read, Pray, Serve, and Repeat!
one love
ofa lahi atu
Kocham was wszystkich!
_Starszy Jacob Sesimani Fotu

haha brother stankiewicz. trying to make bunny ears on me.;)

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