Monday, March 3, 2014

CZEŚĆ from Wrocław!!!

This past week was so awesome. I was really sad to leave Szczecin and I'm going to miss those members so much! But i'm super excited to serve here in Wrocław! Its super super pretty. And just filled with young people in college, Cause there is a big University here. Im excited cause thats kinda who we are looking for to lead the church here. It's so exciting. I will send pictures too. 
My new comp is from Georgia! His name is Elder Garrett. Pretty funny cause mom's maiden name. But he is a solid kid! He has only been here for 6 weeks though. So I've had to really rely on my polish alot more. But the Lord has blessed me so much even though im really not good at polish still. Sounds like everyone is doing sooo good at home though! Let me know with all the kids sports and everything! 
In Wrocław there is probably about 200 members on the branch list. And only like 20 coming to church. So im excited to work on reactivating people! And also finding too! We talked to a really cool kid named Bartek! And meeting with him this week! So i hope everything there goes well! Really we are just in the process of finding people right now! 
But this week I decided to read over the Fourth Missionary again. And it really is just so awesome! And Reminded me to get more and more lost in the work! And I love the end where is talks how it really is the Easiest and the happiest way to lose the battle. If you surrender and let the Lord win and guide your life you will recieve the most joy and blessings. Sometimes doing the Lord's will is hard. But I've seen on my mission as I keep doing those things when it gets hard, and doing them with a good attitude. The Lord has helped my desires change. It's amazing to see the help from the Lord and helping us change through the Atonement! Repenting and becoming better people. And we are even more blessed when we see it happen in others lives.
The hard thing is doing the Lord's will when it gets hard and when bad things happen. I love the quote "It's easier to stay up, than to get up" It's so true! And just staying positive and relying on the Lord no matter what happens! 
And another quote I love it "Life is hard, not the Gospel"I know when we live the gospel we are blessed by the Lord. and "wszystko będzie dobrze!" Everything will be good! 
Get lost in the service of others!
Love you all! Ofa Lahi Atu! Kocham Was Wszystkich! 

_Starszy Fotu

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