Monday, February 3, 2014

Miracles 4 dayzzz!!!!

Lord has blessed us so much! This week was sooo awesome! Sunday is one of the best days for me as I sit in church and just soak in the spirit and notice how much the Lord has blessed me over the past week! First off I got the most exciting news ever!!!! Almost as good as a baptism, But President Uchtdorf is coming to Poland on June 15th!!!! hahha of man I've sooo excited! I got a count down going for him! Seirously so excited to hear from an Apostle of the Lord talk to us missionaries in Poland. We will have a Poland Warsaw Mission Conference and all the members and missioanries will be in warsaw! Our Chapel isnt big enough so im pretyt sure they will rent out a conference room somewhere! So yeah im just kinda freakin out for that!
Next in that same day we heard that, we had a lesson with a kid named, Tomek. He is a little younger. Not sure his exact age. (I should probably find that out) But the lesson went sooo awesome and we taught the Restoration of the Gospel! The spirit was soooo strong and the understanding was there too! We challenged him to be baptized in three weeks! and he said yes!! After the meeting though he told us he might not be able to be in Church though on Sunday! It was such a bummer. But then I fasted and prayed so hard on sunday that he would be in church! And before I knew it he was walking through the door into sacrament meeting! Im so excited to keep teaching him and helping him understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ! This week i've just felt so blessed by my Heavenly Father and as I feel that I feel like I just need to be pumping out more work! I owe him so much! 
Wow this week couldnt have been more awesome! As I talked about last week we have a baptismal date named Lech also. And we have continued to teach him and he continues to progress! I love it soo much! He seriously is the most awesome guy! My love has grown for him soooo much! In our lessons the spirit is sooo strong and its really FUN! to teach him. He will be like joking with us and making fun of us, and then 5 seconds later he is this really soft guy that wants to grow closer to Heavenly Father! At the end of the lesson we were prompted to ask him, "Why he wants to do this?" or "How our message has helped him already?" and he responded, "I just feel more at peace, Im not as irritated anymore when I read the Book of Mormon and just since ive been coming to church and meeting with you guys." He's the most humble guy! I love him so much! He's like 50 years old and takes care of this older lady that has some kind of handicap! I told him that is exactly why we are here! Cause we know that our message blesses lives of so many people! 
I love my mission sooo much! Im sooo thankful to be here. haha I hate when I hit the first days of the month, cause that means another month went by since I went into the MTC on May 1st. These past 9 months have gone by soo fast! Ive never grown so much. My love for the Savior is never ending! I know we all can grow closer to him everyday! Love is the driving force behind everything! Everything that Heavenly FAther has given us! The greatest commmandment is Charity! So we should love EVERY SINGLE person that we know! Love and miss you all sooo much!
ofa lahi atu! Kocham cie! 
_Starszy Jacob Fotu

oh yeah and language is really picking up. The Lord has blessing me soo much! I taught priesthood yesterday with the man I baptized (Jerzy). And I was just helping him know how to teach! Everything is so good!

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