Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Cześć Family!!!!
Sounds like everyone is doing pretty good! But some of you are sick so I hope you all get better! 
This week was so crazy. On tuesday we had a Training in Poznań! So that was a fun train ride there. Haha we try contacting on trains but its kinda hard. And people think that we are trying to sell stuff. But its all good! 
But im still in Szczecin! Ive been here for like almost 6 months now I think. So crazy how fast time has flown by! But I love this city so much and the members here. There is a member here named Bartek. We are the same age. But he is the most solid kid. He got baptized in July. And he is all ready to go on a mission but is just waiting to finish school. We played soccer with him today and it was him against us 4 missionaries. And he worked us all. 
But he went to warsaw this past weekend with all the YSA in Poland and 2 Youth. (theres like 12 YSA's here btw) But he said he said the transfer board in President's Office. And there was my picture just with a question mark on it;( haha messed up cause im brown!!!! haha no im just playing though. But im pretty sure im leaving here. Super sad but it will be fun to switch cities!
So this week we were super scared for church cause sometimes it just a little rough. haha and this week all our prime members werent gonna be there. (Kasia, Dagmara, and Bartek) All were out of town. But it was cool cause we still pushed ot get alot of people to church! Sunday came around and we had only 2 members, us 6 missionaries, haha and 10 investigators! So crazy! But now we are just working to turn them into progresing and progressing towards baptism! So awesome though. Exciting things are happening! 
We have one really cool investigator right now named Damian. He is the one that chased us down when going into the chapel. CAuse we gave him a Im a Mormon card. But its super cool cause he had heard about us from a member that is really sturggling right now with the Word of Wisdom and Everything. But alot of his struggles come from peer pressure. So it would be really cool to get him a friend in the church. We will have Branch Family night with him tonight!
Missionary work is just so awesome. It's so good to hear about Lennon on lessons with his friend Cade. That really is so awesome. That will prepare him for his mission so much! But its just all about the basics! Somethin ive really been trying to do lately is go by the spirit with what ot say. Because before you could only say the things that you memorized. But the language is getting alot better. The Lord has blessed me with sooo much help. I cant even describe it. Ill just be sitting there in a lesson and know exactly what is going on. And I can feel the spirit so strong. 
A really good talk to listen to is "None were with Him" by Elder Holland. If any of you have time. I love the Savior so much. And he made a sacrafice for every single one of us. Because of that, we can change. We can repent and become more like him every single day. But only if we have his help! Pray for the Help and Study the scriptures. And then act on what you feel and learn! 
Love you guys! Hope all is well! 
ofa lahi atu
kocham cię
_Starszy Fotu


The member here in Szczcin wearing my tag!
He has saved all his money for his missionary clothes and it costs him everything! But he is so solid! love him.

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