Monday, February 10, 2014

Szczecin: February 10th 2014 (Luty 10th 2014)

Hey family how you all doing!
Man sounds like everyone is just so happy at home! 
Something I was talking to my misison President about at Christmas time, Was how we had the most amazing Christmas. Cause even though we were away from our families. We talked to them and notice how blessed they have been by our service to the Lord! 
It's totally true and Im so thankful for that! This week has been so awesome! 
Unfortunatley we lost contact with one of our baptismal dates. His name is Lech. But I hope we get back in contact with him! We had a good lesson with the kid Tomek. And he is praying right now to know if this is the Only True Church on the Earth today. CAuse he kinda has a problem with just thinking there is alot of good in every church! So everything is good there!
A cool miracle was on friday night. We had a meeting with a guy named Krzystof. And his wife ws there also. They had all this food for us and just were super nice! Krzystof just loves his Bible sooo much! And he knows alot about it! He had the Olympics on and it was the Ceramony. haha and I saw Tonga the split second that it was on. haha 
But we had a lesson and this guy is just trying to find all of these things in the bible to prove us wrong the whole time. And not listening to what he had to say the whole time. He finally asked "where in the bible does it talk about the book of Mormon?! Where is it?!" haha I really didnt want to answer his question like this. But Im like "ok fine, Ill give you it.) haha I was calm dont worry. and so i gave him ezekial 37 or whatever it is. And he read it. haha and was just soo stumped. Before I gave him the scripture I told him I had an answer for him. But really it was not going to help him know if the Book of Mormon is true. As he read that scripture he was searching like crazy through the bible trying to find something that contradicted with it! 
As he did that I had the perfect oppurtunity to teach his wife. I started teaching her about when Jesus Christ was here and how many things were lost. As I got to Joseph Smith the spirit was sooo strong. And then I went into quoting the first vision. Ah MAn!!!! Spirit was so strong and she was just staring into my eyes as I said it! I know she felt it! and I could see it her eyes! It was the most awesome experience! Those are the best moments on your mission, when you are serving others. and you can feel Heavenly Fathers Spirit work through you. Cause thats really just what we are, "Carriers of the Spirit". His spirit is what does everything. I could sit there alll day with krzystof and try to convince him of it. But if he doesn't have his own experience then he wont have that testimony! The amazing thing is that we have a Promise in the Book of Mormon from our Heavenly FAther. Moroni's Promise. It's so amazing that if any person does that, there is no possible way of them not recieving that answer! As missionaries we can help them realize the answer! 
Oh man so awesome! I hope his wife reads the Book of Mormon and asks for herself. 
We ended the meeting a little late and were running to the chapel to get to our next meeting. My comp handed this younger man a pass-along card as we ran into the chapel. This guy chased us down and said he was interested and wanted to learn more, and he was actually a friend of a memeber. Super cool! And he ended up showing up to church on sunday! So awesome! So we are set to teach him this week. His name is Damian! 
Man I've learned so much on my misison. Ive learned how important it is to Look!!! For the many miracles and blessing Heavenly Father gives us EVERYDAY!! Missions are so awesome! I love it out here! Everyone search for those blessings! And be thankful for them! Love you All!!!
Keep workin hard and remember Im still here! Pray more me!
one love
ofa lahi atu
kocham cię!
_Elder Sesi 

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