Monday, September 15, 2014


So im just gonna get right into it. So much to tell with not much time...
Im back in warsaw. Its getting cold already. The branch is amazing that I am in. I was trained here. And I love being at the only chapel in Poland. 
Some of the members still remember me, some think im a "greeny".
haha its fun and so filling. 
This last week we sent missionaries home and brought new ones in. 
We stayed at the mission home with the ones leaving, and then woke up at 3.30 am to take them to the airport. It was really sad. There really was some of the most amazing missionaries. And we returned to the mission home to find it empty. It was pretty depressing. 
We tried to sleep for a couple more hours. And next thing you knwo we were off to the airport again to pick up the new ones. 13 new missionaries! And they were so fresh and they quickly brought the momentum back into us. It was so amazing to see how excited and filled they were even though they were so wiped out from the plane ride. 
I took one with me out on the streets. Elder Summers from Alaska. Filled with so much energy and faith. But yet we stepped on the streets and he was SO SCARED! we approached a couple and I asked if they had a second. They said no, so i left them with a pass along card. I tried calming Elder Summers down a little. But I told him to go get the lady with the stroller. It was so amazing to see this fresh missionary hit the work so hard. He faced his fear square up and just spit out all the polish he could with this lady. (really good polish btw) 
After the lady walked on he came up to me and said "THAT WAS THE MOST AMAZING EXPERIENCE IVE EVER HAD!!!" I told him "This is missioanry work. EVERY.DAY." He continued to go on about how he was going to love his mission sooo much! 
It was really cool to see someone faces his fears as he did. And even with rejection he was so excited about it. 
Later int he week we had Missionary Leadership Council. I had never been to this meeting cause I wasnt even a Zone Leader. And now I was being expected to Teach parts of it. It was overwhelming and really hard. But I prayed for help. And the spirit was so strong with me and kept me calm. And everything went so smoothly. 
I love my mission. My new companion (Elder Caskey) and I have been talking about how amazing our mission really is. As we were in the mission home with the 13 new missionaries and the 13 trainers we sang hymns. And I was standing in the back and just kinda watched. The spirit was so strong with me. I realized that everyone here was really part of something bigger. I love my mission. I love the missionaries. I look up to all of them.
My comp. Biggest stud. He really is so diligent, and loving. And we have alot of goals this trasnfers and we are gonna work so diligently to get them. We are so stoked. 
I love you guys. I know its all about the basics. It really is. It starts out in the morning. and you decide. No one else can decide for you how your day goes. Find the Lord's will, and align yours with it.
Love you guys! and am so thankful for the support I have. 
_Elder Fotu

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