Monday, September 29, 2014

Week by Week

We had another awesome week here in Warsaw. We had a exchange with a city called Kraków. So my comp hoped on a train monday afternoon and headed down there and Elder Allen came up here with me. It was pretty awesome. His girlfriend is actually serving in Isaac's mission. We had a really funny contact. We were talking with this man about baptism and repentance on the street and talked about things being changed after Christ and His apostles death. And the guy regarding these topics said..."We are all imperfect. There are only two people that have lived on earth without sin..." haha so confused I listened closely...he said..."Jesus and Mary.." haha so thats kinda problem. But its pretty amazing and sad actually to see how confused people are just about life and what Jesus taught. 
Elder Caskey and I were at the mission home one morning cause we met with President Edgren to talk about transfers and where missionaries would be sent and who would stay in their area. We had breakfast before we met and I was in the kitchen with Sister Edgren helping make pancakes and they actually have some children and grandchildren over right now staying with them on a trip. One of the little ones runs up to Sister Edgren and says, "Nanny, I need to go potty!" and sister edgrens heard wrong and replied in an exciting voice, " you want some pancakes!?!? ok go sit down and they will be ready soon!" haha so the little girl ran off and I said "sister edgren I think she said she needs to go potty?" and she was shocked that I like understood and she didnt. And the girl is like doin the potty dance in the corner of the room. So she calls to President Edgren to help her to the bathroom. President comes in the room and says, "alright lets go, Elder Fotu your gonna take her right?" haha i told him i would be breaking rules though. But it was kinda funny. Maybe you all had to be there.
But this week was good! unfortunately all our investigators droppped. Wiktor and Halina and their family decided they didnt want to meet with us anymore. But they said they would continue to read and pray. So we wil pray for them. We are startin back where we were! But its all good we are excited to find some awesome people this week. 
Today im going on exchange with Elder Kimball. ha his name is Spencer Kimball. His family actually lives in our stake. He was set apart by President Bangerter also. So thats pretty cool! 
So today I wanted to talk about blessings. haha I think thats all I talk about. 
Ive been so blessed since ive been gone. And most of all our family has. Mom and Dad have been so blessed in Dad's business. All my siblings are doing amazing. And I can tell they are all on the path to conversion. Many of my friends have made their way back on the path. And I guess I have been really blessed with a love for others around me, the gospel, and God and His Son. But I still have a long way to go.
I took Elder and Sister Gay (a senior couple here) to the airport last sunday. They are flying home cause their 13th and last child is getting married in the temple. And all of their children and spouses with be there along with one of their grandsons that just got home from his mission. Thats pretty amazing to me. And probably my biggest dream in this life. I feel like we are all on our way. And the only thing that will stop us is pride.
Im so thankful for the people that have been placed in my life. My family most of all, and then my friends. There are too many to count that have been a blessing in my life.  And Im not sure why ive been so blessed.
Love you guys. As we continue to notice the "natural man" in our lives we will be able to adjust and as the moment comes when we want to turn out, we think of Christ and make the right decision. This all leads to happiness which is a common thing that EVERYONE wants. 
loves. pamiętaj Chrystusa!
                                               _Starszy Fotu

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