Friday, December 5, 2014

December is here!!!

I can't believe the year 2014 is almost over! It's been the fastest year of my life! I feel like it was just a couple months ago when I was in Szczecin for Christmas! The mission is going really well! The mindsets of the missionaries is changing and I believe we will see a lot of good success and fruit as a mission here real soon because of it.
This last week was a blast! And it was pretty effective. Unfortunately Piotr (Peter) has said he is not interested anymore. This happens pretty often with people here in Poland. They have these very spiritual moments with us and the Book of Mormon, and then something happens and they lose interest. Usually they look something up on the internet or something. But we continue to work hard and keep our faith high! Never gets us down!
Something exciting... President Edgren got an idea of how we could improve our tracting here in the mission from another mission president (I think in Czech Republic) The idea is have a tracting letter. Everyone (mostly everyone) here in Poland lives in a apartment building. And So the idea is to make a letter with information of what we are doing and maybe even pictures on the letter. The letter also includes when we will be stopping by to see if they are interested. This was genius because one, most people hate when we knock on their doors cause it feels like we are intruding (cause we kind of are). So now the people are actually expecting us and we get instant feedback whether or not they are interested! Also when we tract usually about 70% of the people are not home or don't answer. So now we can go back at least 3 times til we drop the address. One city in our mission tried this with one block of apartments. And got a new investigator the first night. They went back the second time for those that didnt answer and 3 people set up meetings with them. Pretty amazing, cause if they would have just tracted it normally like we always do they probably would have gotten the same result. President Edgren has talked about "doing things differently, cause if we do the same thing over and over again we will get the same results" I know Dad has taught be about this a lot.
I feel like this kind of sums up life. If we arent improving ever Day then we are decreasing. The fact is we are always changing. Moving forwards or backwards. Never standing still. So we need to always make sure that we are moving in the right direction, towards the Savior.
I'm excited for this month! To be able to celebrate the birth of the Savior. Time is flying. I miss a lot of things at home at this time of the year, but I try to stay focused on my mission and whats important cause I have such little time left.
Love you guys! Remember the basic things everyday!
z miłośćą
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heres a cool video for ya in polish. Im sure you've all seen it!

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