Thursday, October 23, 2014

October 2014

Hey Family! Crazy week! Luckily we got some extra time to e-mail today! It's monday the 13th. And its transfer week. So sunday my new comp came in. Elder Swicegood. My boiiiii. We were companions in the MTC. Here's a beautiful pic of us for ya'll. Im super excited for us to work together this transfer. Although I loved my last companion, Elder Caskey. So sunday he came in along with many other missionaries that will be going home tomorrow. So that night was crazy with getting everything together. 
Sacrament meeting on sunday was the best Sacrament meeting I've been in on my mission. Probably the best in my life. The branch presidency was changed. And Rafał Pogorzelski became the new branch president. This is the member that Elder Caskey and I have been working with the past couple months. We met with him and his small family at the beginning of the transfer. And he asked us for a priesthood blessing. After this we just had trust in our relationship and he was giving us referrals and hittin the streets with us and just so excited to build the kingdom of God. In a meeting we had with him we were talking about his conversion story, and his dreams. He used to be atheist and then found the church. And when we asked about his dreams for his life he responded, "Well, I want to build the church in Poland." It was amazing to see the priorities of this guy that has a family living in a small 2 room apartment. But his very first priority was God's kingdom. And that really hit me hard. Over the months it was amazing to see the Lord prepare him to be ready to be branch president. Here's a picture of him making some BOMB pizza for us.
I love my mission. The people here. There is something else about them. Many when they return home from church they are hit with people making fun of them for being mormons. They are hit with family members that wont talk to them cause they feel like they have betrayed the Catholic church. They really are the best members on this earth. When they become members they realize that the support system is very small. But the ones that hold on strong, lean on God, and are converted to Him. I just kinda sat in Sacrament meeting and just soaked it in. And realized that I only have 6 more months, that I will only be able to experience something like this for the rest of my life.
Alright well im probably boring you guys. Heres a funny story. Maybe I already told you guys...... Im not sure.... But about 3 months ago we were playing football at the park outside the chapel. I was wearing my favorite hoodie. (Its like dark red, blue, and grey stripped.) I think our cousin Butch left it at our house or somethin. But I was hot so I hung it up on a tree. I didnt realize til a couple days later that I had left the sweatshirt at the park. And I joked with my companion that I would see a homeless man wearing it.....sure enough 2 months later we were playing and a homeless comes walking by carrying plastic bags full of cans..... I just sat there and was like Elder Caskey thats my sweater. And everyone just started busting up laughing. Then I ran over and ripped it off his shoulders..... haha no im just kidding. I just let him wear it. But pretty funnny. I may have already told you guys that.
Man I love you guys. I loved conference obviously. Im gonna be studying it alot. I listened to half in polish. But my favorite talk was probably Elder Christofferson's. Im gonna be studying that so much cause there is so much good in it. 
Hey im out of here. Got to take missionaries to airport early tomorrow morning and  then pick up the news ones! Im stoked! But hey I love you guys. I love hearing stories of my family doing missionary work and doing good work. I love it.
Keep killin it! Remember the basics. And love. Its the most important. Obedience always comes with love.

_Starszy Fotu

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